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Eldercare Services in Western Canada

Each Integrated Life Care facility across Western Canada provides residents with accommodation, food and health services that are geared to the resident’s individual needs. We offer our seniors the tools they need to live a full independent healthy life. We also have respite rooms and offer on-site care while healing from an accident and before or after surgery.

The regional health authority conducts a client assessment and determines the nature of the care the individual needs and then directs the client to our facilities. All eldercare services are designed to promote independent healthy lifestyles where residents can enjoy life and flourish. Contact us to ask any questions about our services at our facilities in McLennan, AB; Devon, AB, and Rosetown. We’re always looking for new people with great new ideas for improving our care.

We have many services, depending on the facility. Some of our services include:

Independent Living

Assisted Living

Continuing Care

Memory Care

Home Care

Worship by Choice


Respite Care

Independent Living

Integrated Life Care residences offer seniors all the comforts of their own home. They are able to live independently while enjoying three meals a day, weekly housekeeping and linen service, engaging in recreational activities and social events organized by the site’s recreational coordinator. Seniors are able to come and go as they choose. Should the need arise for any additional care, a helping hand is there when they need it.


Assisted Living

At Integrated Life Care, our Assisted Living provides residents with the opportunity to maintain an independent and active life style while living in a safe, secure and supportive environment. The goal of Integrated Life Care is to ensure that residents receive the kind of care they need so they can remain healthy and mobile while enjoying new friendships. Residents immediately feel right at home. They provide their own furniture and decorate their suites in the manner they feel most comfortable. They have access to a calendar of recreational and social activities within or external to the facility. Parking is available for those residents who drive their own vehicles. All Integrated Life Care facilities are designed to provide meeting and visiting areas in addition to the privacy of the residents’ rooms. Some facilities have accommodation services to help visitors travelling long distances. Integrated Life Care facilities are places for living. We encourage family members to visit often and enjoy spending time with their loved ones. There are no hidden costs at Integrated Life Care Assisted Living facilities. After renting a suite, the resident pays a single monthly fee. The monthly fee covers the following services:

  • 3 nutritional meals per day plus snacks and beverages
  • Weekly housekeeping and linen service
  • 24-hour access to compassionate and caring support staff
  • Health monitoring and coordination of health care services
  • All utilities (with exception of phone and cable television at some sites)
  • Full calendar of recreational and social activities

Extended Services Available for an Extra Fee

  • Enhanced personal care
  • Dining room meals for visitors
  • Extra housekeeping, personal laundry
  • Room service
  • Beauty and barbershop service
  • Travel outside of the facility (usually local taxis or busses)

Continuing Care Facilities

Integrated Life Care specializes in Continuing Care across Western Canada. Previously, Continuing Care was called Long-Term Care. People in Continuing Care usually have significant health issues that require special care, diets, medications or supervision. People are directed to Continuing Care facilities by regional health services. Regional health services conduct a patient assessment and determine the nature of the care the individual needs and then direct the patient to our Continuing Care facility. In Continuing Care, the provincial government covers the cost of the essential health services. Accommodation costs (room and board) and personal items are the responsibility of the Continuing Care resident. The provincial government may provide a supplement to the Continuing Care resident to assist in the accommodation costs.


Memory Care

At some facilities, Memory Care is offered to those in need of this special service. This secure wing is designed for the safety of the resident to prevent elopement and provide a quiet and peaceful environment while having private dining room service and recreational activities. This secure wing is supervised 24 hours a day by caring and compassionate staff members. Residents are able to enjoy the peaceful surroundings while enjoying their stay with us.


Home Care

Seniors living in Integrated Life Care’s Assisted Living facilities may be eligible for Home Care services. Home Care services allow Provincial Health Care providers to administer a variety of services to individual residents within their suites. Home Care includes support services such as nursing and rehabilitation, and personal support services as homemaking, bathing or grooming assistance. Home Care services are delivered on a regular basis depending upon residents’ specific and individual needs. Residents interested in Home Care services should discuss their needs when moving into an Integrated Life Care facility or as needs arise during their term of residency.


Worship by Choice

All Integrated Life Care facilities cater to residents who need living and care accommodation regardless of their religion or faith. Residents and their families worship according to their personal choice. Although a facility may have a chapel belonging to a specific denomination, ministers from other churches often visit and hold services. Depending upon the community, several services may be held on Sundays or during the week.



At ILC, we understand how healthy, nutritional meals are important to the welfare of our seniors. We work with a registered dietitian who prepares a monthly menu. Each site has its own chef who prepares nutritional home-style meals that meet the needs of the seniors. We are also very conscious of special diets and special needs for every level of care. Sunday buffet lunches, happy hours and special occasions are a great way for family and friends to stay connected and keep our seniors active and involved at any of our Integrated Life Care locations.


Respite Care

What Is Respite Care? 

Many care givers with hands-on responsibility for a senior who needs extra care and/or a break at times, if not regularly.


  • Nutritional meals recommended by a dietician
  • 24-hour on-site care
  • 24-hour call pendant
  • Social interaction with other seniors
  • Healthcare

Is Respite Care Right for Me?

For Residents:
For the potential resident of Respite Care who may need special care before any medical procedure, or be experiencing an illness that simply requires convalescence following post-illness or hospital discharge. Our facilities are equipped to help you to help your loved ones during this transition.

For the Caregiver:
Respite Care can provide a much needed break from the demands placed on you. Providing long-term care can be stressful, and has been associated with increased risk for mental and physical health concerns. Taking some time off from your caregiving duties can rejuvenate your mind and body.

Call us today and we can discuss your special needs.


Food, Care, Recreation

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