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We are proud to manage dedicated senior care facilities

Integrated Life Care: Senior Housing Management in Western Canada

Integrated Life Care Inc. (ILC) is a firm based in Edmonton. We specialize in developing and operating senior care accommodation across Western Canada. Each facility that Integrated Life Care manages provides its residents with an alternative to conventional adult and senior care. Individuals residing in facilities that we manage live an independent lifestyle while having access to additional care services when needed.

Always Expanding

We specialize in managing seniors care homes, and we are always open to new investors who have existing facilities or who wish to develop new senior residences in Western Canada. We provide outstanding management services, allowing your property to operate at its full potential. We will provide our management expertise and highly trained staff to give our seniors the compassionate care they are entitled to receive.

Developing Senior Housing Projects

We have served Western Canada successfully for over 15 years, with our focus being on custom senior housing projects and their development. ILC builds projects from the ground up. Planning a senior residence project is a huge undertaking that involves finding the right location, committed investors, research, architects, builders, legal, interior designers and employees, plus extensive knowledge of the hospitality industry. ILC has the expertise to make your project a reality and a financial success. For more information please contact us today.

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